Thursday, October 4, 2007

Visual Developement & Shit

Yeah, I misunderstood the assignment about character design, and attitudes and shit. Then I drew them all too generic, ah well, we get another week. Character Designs and also preliminary exteriors (yeah, they're kind of boring, I did them at work).

Breaking in the new tablet :)
OMG, this video is fucking hilarious :D


carissa said...

that's a shit load of work for this week!

great job!

DerMidlet said...

I agree, that's a lot of stuff there, can't wait to see what you got for us this week :)

Allen Song said...

What's up, Minnesota Twin. Nice characters. That IS hella work. Can't wait to see more. See ya

Anh Lu said...

Hi Linda, you've got great color schemes, I like your style. keep up the good work! =)

zeo-x said...

I was trying to remember on who's blog I saw that Master Chief crotch grab video.

I totally did not notice she was trying to grab his crotch at first, I thought she was going for his gun. Anyway, it's Emerson here :)